• Frequently Asked Questions

    How does this virtual race series work?

    We're hosting three days of races, Memorial Day (May 25), Summer Solstice (June), and Independence Day (July 4). Each race requires you to sign up and complete the race distance and submit your time via Strava or MapMyRun to our official race email. Your times will be checked for accuracy and then scored. Top 3 overall finishers and top 3 in each gender will receive a special award along with their Finisher's Medal.

    We will also have overall Series Champions of each gender.

    During training and race day, Legacy along with other guest runners, cyclists, and fitness athletes will be posting frequently on our social media platforms alongside you.


    How do I sign up?

    Please use the links here on our site, you can click here to register as well

    Register Now


    What do I get for my entry fee(s)?

    Each entrant will get an official race bib, custom neck gaiter, finisher's medal, Wahoo's gift certificate, and more. These items will be mailed by USPS to you before your race. Race Entries after the shipping cutoff date for each event will receive their items after race day. We will, however, make sure you have a digital copy of your bib you can print out and use for the race.

    Shipping Cut Off Dates

    Memorial Day Race - May 20

    Summer Solstice Race - June 16

    Independence Day - June 30


    Is this benefiting charity?

    Yes, there will be a donation made to Grateful Hearts at the conclusion of the Series :)


    Where can I find race course maps?

    We have some routes we've planned out and will be doing on race day. You can find them HERE


    Where can I ask questions?

    Please email us or message us on our Facebook Page.


    How do I record my Race Final?